Dr. Sidney M. Fireman, Dr. Susanne E. Perschbacher
Toronto, CBCT, St. Clair, Consult, Implants


Dental insurance is typically provided as an employment benefit. There are thousands of different policies in Ontario; these may not only differ in the services covered, but in the amount of coverage you may be entitled to.


If you have dental insurance, a standard dental claim form will be generated by computer to submit to your insurance company. All dental insurance companies are obliged to accept a standard dental claim form, but some also require you to submit another form along with the standard form.


If you wish to determine your insurance benefit before your appointment, we can usually provide you with the insurance codes so that you can check your policy or contact your insurance company.


In Canada, it is the dentist who has the option of determining whether the patient receives the insurance benefit directly, or whether this insurance payment is assigned directly to the dentist. In this office we follow the recommendations of the Ontario Dental Association and DO NOT accept payment directly from insurance companies.


It is important to understand that the fee for any given service is the same whether a patient has insurance or not. Charging a different fee for the same service based on insurance coverage can result in various penalties including the loss of licence to practice dentistry.


It is our policy to try to help you recover your proper benefit from your policy. Please do not hesitate to let us help you.